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Comunicación Emocional (Emotional Communication) is a specialised service in the training and development of emotional intelligence and communication. Emotional Communication brings the richness of an multidisciplinary approach tempered with a rigorous, exclusive, tried & tested methodology.

Both the private and the public sector, are beginning to recognise that a wider understanding of the importance of Emotional Communication can only lead to greater employee or associate satisfaction and therefore more efficient and improved productivity . The benefits of addressing emotional communication extend far beyond the workplace and yet form an integral part of all of our lives from the boardroom to the front line. We all know the importance of this words, but real communication demands more profound understanding of our employees, associates and customers needs, as Bassat Ogilvy & Mather stated “ knowing the depth of the emotional relationship between the brand and consumer...allows us to make them unique

Emotional Communication
addresses issues that currently fall between disciplines in conventional training and development programmes. Our products and services are supported by a wide experience and by the book “La comunicación emocional” Prentice Hall, Pearson Educacion, that allows us to offer quality tools and strategies with an unique approach.
Training and Coaching: Conferences, Practical sessions, Training Design, Outdoor Training
Consultancy: Audits and Research, Emotional Communica
tion Plans

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